Melchers is a diversified international services group with a historic focus on Greater China. In Hong Kong and China we offer a wide range of specialised services from marketing and distribution to sourcing, processing and production. We work with a wide range of business partners from large well-known multinationals to small highly-specialised companies seeking to expand into new markets.  
  Our Mission

We are a service-oriented company focused on identifying, sourcing, marketing and supplying quality products and services to targetted market segments


The strengths

we offer to

our business partners are:

  Our Experience     Melchers has over 150 years experience of doing business in Hong Kong and China. The Group has gained the practical knowledge, relationships and cultural understanding necessary for success in Greater China  
  Our Infrastructure     We maintain an extensive network of offices in Greater China including our main centres in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou where we also operate substantial warehouse facilities. We also maintain satellite offices in Dalian, Wuhan, Xiamen and Chonqing.  
  Our Team     Over 300 experienced staff in specialised product department operate throughout Greater China. Our staff remain in close contact with our principals, our customers and the market in general. This allows us to quickly adapt our approach to changes in the market for individual product lines.  
  Our Diversification     Our product departments cover most of the key industries in Greater China including plastics, packaging, pharmaceuticals, printing, petrochemical, oil and gas, automotive, electronics, as well as retail and sourcing. We offer a range of specialised services with a focus on entry into the Greater China market, specialised importing and logistical services and sourcing and manufacturing in China.  
  Our Support Service     Our specialised product departments are able to maximize customer and supplier benefits through a substantial support infrastructure. We currently employ more than 15 service engineers to support the sales and maintenance of technical products in Greater China. Our sourcing teams include over 20 experienced quality inspectors. Our importing and logistics capabilities are greatly enhanced by our ability to warehouse, invoice and distribute locally in China through the Group's Chinese-registered company, Melchers Shanghai Limited.  
  Our Flexibility     We maintain a highly flexible rganizational structure able to react quickly to changing economic and political conditions. All of our business units operate with a high degree independence ensuring the organization is constantly ;evolving to maintain a competitive advantage.  

History of Melchers in Hong Kong and China

    Melchers began trading in Hong Kong in 1866 with the establishment of a branch of Melchers & Co. of Bremen. The business quickly prospered and in 1877 a second branch was established in Shanghai with further branches being established by 1910 in Hangkow, Canton, Tientsin, Chingkang, Ichang, Nanjing, Chongqing and Tsingtao.  
Melchers Building Hong Kong, 1908
    Melchers were forced to close these branch offices during World War I but business activities resumed in the early 1920s with help from the Chinese Government. However, the Second World War and the Communist Government, which followed, saw the complete cessation of Melchers business operations in China. As a result, Hong Kong became the focal point of business in the region with the formal re-establishment of the office there in 1952.
  The business in Hong Kong was initially based on the export of garments from China to Europe. By the early 1970s,Melchers had also begun to develop a substantial import business based on the growing demand for machinery and equipment for the region's export-driven manufacturing industry.Both the import and export businesses continued to grow and diversify with the gradual opening of China's economy.

In 1979 Melchers were able to re-establish an office in Beijing, followed in the early 1980s by offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou. With their strong links to China, Melchers were one of the first foreign companies to re-establish representative offices in the country. This commitment to China has allowed Melchers to benefit from the business opportunities arising from the country's rapid economic expansion since the 1980s.

The Group has continued to strengthen its presence in China with the establishment of satellite  offices to benefit from specific regional economic development. Today, Melchers remain firmly committed to the Greater China region based on an extensive infrastructure and an increasingly diverse range of products and services.