We are a  diversified and flexible group neither restricted to specific product lines nor business strategies. We are  constantly seeking new opportunities within our existing business fields and in new growth areas. Our diversification and flexibility combined with our experience and geographical presence enables us to work with our business partners to capitalise on new opportunities  

Particular areas of Melchers include:

  • Entry into the China Market
  • Specialised importing and logistical services in China
  • Sourcing and manufacturing in China

    Entry into the China Market

        China's economy is developing fast and many manufacturers see huge potential in the China market. However, entry into China is not easy and many foreign companies have learned that the establishment of their own regional or branch office is no guarantee of success. Furthermore, the shift from state-owned enterprise to private ownership and the opening, by multinational companies, of large retail and distribution outlets is changing the way goods are marketed and distributed in China. Melchers is constantly adapting to such market trends and we adjust our highly flexible organization accordingly. With almost 150 years practical experience in China we have the knowledge, people, contacts, structure and cultural understanding necessary to help foreign manufacturers successfully enter the China market.  

    Specialised Importing and Logistics Services in China

        As part of our distribution structure, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of importing and support services through the Group's wholly-owned Chinese subsidiary, Melchers Shanghai Limited. These services include bonded or duty-paid warehousing, import and customs handling, local transportation and invoicing in local currency. This structure allows us to service our customers in China directly, which means we are better able to meet their needs. We also offer these services to support manufacturers who maintain their own sales and marketing organizations in China. This is of particular interest where a competent local organization is needed to provide spare parts and technical support services with invoicing in local currency. Our setup can help you reduce importing costs, improve distribution efficiency and provide value-added services to your customers giving you a competitive edge in this challenging marketplace. For more information please Contact Us.  

    Sourcing and Manufacturing in China

        China's rapid development as a low-cost manufacturer of quality products and components is further enhanced by steadily increasing improvements in technology, infrastructure and staff training. Having recognised the expanding opportunities early in China's economic development we have gained substantial experience in assisting companies to establish production facilities in China and we have, where appropriate, taken an equity stake in these enterprises. In addition we have developed a core competence in sourcing a wide range of products and components in China. We have built a strong quality control team and developed strong relationships with many manufacturers in different industries.